Fight the Apathy with New Habits

Have you ever felt so low and dreaded a task so much that you actually prefer to chew your foot off rather than do it again? Have you looked yourself in the mirror to find a ghost with dead eyes blankly looking at you? Well, I’ve got news for you, the apathy has snapped its ghostly fingers around your neck.


Here is a quick list to see whether this is the case:

  • You have no interests or hobbies – the things that usually inspired you and interested you have lost their sparks
  • You are either unemployed or you really lack motivation at work. Your performance went down
  • You consider the possibility of acting on the goal, but drop it soon afterwards
  • You’ve turned yourself into a coach potato, surfing the internet, playing video games or staring at the TV
  • You fill your day with mindless unimportant tasks just to keep yourself busy and not thing about anything in life
  • Your friends or family tries to get you motivated
  • You are either watching or reading self-help courses by boatload, but hardly applying any of the principles
  • You are binge eating and are not exercising

If any of the above points rings a bell, you have to fight against the apathy. If you let it overtake you, it would grow stronger and stronger and turn into self-loathing, and depression.

First, find the cause of apathy. Was there an event that started it all? Do you feel hopeless in achieving something big? Is there a sudden loss in your life? Dig deeply and find the underlying reasons for the apathy.

Second, brainstorm was to take action on the cause of apathy. List everything you can that will help you fight the cause.

Third, disturb the sequence of daily routine. Start small by waking a bit earlier to do a 5-minutes exercise. Go a little bit earlier to work and chat with a colleague. Take a different route to the work or store. Change your transport. Walk a bit, enjoy the sun on your skin.

Change your outlook. Buy a new set of clothes you really like, and make you feel good in your skin. Clothes that you are going to wear more often. Change your hairstyle, get a haircut that is different from your usual one. Nothing too drastic, but a bit different. Make it a habit to have time for yourself. List some BEAUTY time and do something for yourself.



Get your nails trimmed, your beard trimmed, wash your face and brush your teeth every morning. Put on aftershave and spray on deodorant EACH MORNING.

Tricks for WOMEN:

Get your nails done with good nailpolish, Get new haircut or even experiment with new hair color. Spend some time looking at magazines with new hairstyles and find two or three that you like best. Then discuss with your hairdresser which one will be the most suitable for your face shape and appearance.

Get a good epilator such as these here and keep your leg hair under control. Even in the winter, ladies!

Never get our without spaying yourself with deodorant and quality perfume.

Even something as simple and easy can drastically improve your self-esteem. Start small and get doing. Start gaining momentum and dig yourself out. Place yourself more often in feel-good and enjoyable situations. Smile to yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. BE sincere, don’t be like this:

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